From October 15th to 19th, we had the fifth edition of the English Week in our school: V VIEW – Villare English Week.

During this period, students had the opportunity to experience situations beyond the English classes. Different activities, many of them were performed by some visitors, special menu based on the typical food of English speaking countries, special classes, songs, cooking classes, play in English movie and popcorn, lectures with native speakers and presentations among the groups were some of the strong points of the V VIEW.

According to the theme “English Speaking Countries”, students from the Kindergarten to High School, taking into account their different ages, were asked to research specific countries. The results were explored by the teachers through discussions with the groups. Cultural, geographical, historical, political and economic aspects were studied, some of them specifically by the High School students and a presentation was prepared by one group to another. Furthermore, curiosities about traditions, fauna, parties, food and games were also studied.

It was an intense week. Language was treated as it should always be: something alive, a way to communicate and to express our feelings, tradition, our way of life, whether the accent is british, canadian, irish or australian. It is a way to get people and cultures together and to open the doors to the world, no matter the borders!

So, we invite you to cross the border! Click on the links and check out what each group has done in the different stages, as well as the pictures of our V VIEW 2012 – English Speaking Countries!

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